Wednesday, November 16, 2016


, July 4, 2015

Rough time of it for me

I had a rough time in the boat today.
Quite a bit of pain in whatever is bothering me.  I cast a pole and it all went into a spasm.  I was unhappy.
Peter, Casey and Eliz went.  That should have made me happy.  We all fished a bit and in the end we had enough bluegills for a taste at supper.  Good biting over by the island, but I had forgotten the anchor. 
The day was fine.  Very few boats.

I was happy to have gotten the boat cleaned up and bailed, but I'm unsure what all this means for the summer for me. 

Once out back in my chair with Aleve and bourbon I felt better.  Cleaning the fish was easy enough.  The stairs hurt but the scaling did not. 

I made Peter carry the motor and the battery. 
Casey seemed to have a good time playing with the fish.  He reeled on in that Boppie caught.

I like the stability of the boat so I could stand when the pain got intense and that helped

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