Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Well, I had a fine if slow day with the fish today. 
The bluegills were slow, but nice and big.  I caught some this morning on just a hook and worm.  Just before 6 PM I caught two more, a nice bluegill and one of those big crappies that gives a fillet three times the size of the bluegill.
I'm going to make bluegill bits in the deep fryer on Sunday and trying to collect enough to do that.
My back is somewhat better or I'm just better at babying it.  The cleaning did not affect the place where the back gives the most pain,  Other muscles got tired, but not the sore one and that is very good news.
I used the new knife I bought cheap in florida.  It is a bit longer than the panfish fillet by Rapella and thinner.  I really like it.  Because it is longer I get a better swipe as the handle does not bump against the board.    It took me a while to get used to it, but I'll hope to get a couple more next year.

Of course, I tipped over all the tools and had to pick them up.  Getting down to do that is tough on the back.

I got down and opened the live well and that was hard, but very satisfying.  I put four fish in there three days ago and they were still there.  I have not taken that screened pen in for winter in two years, thinking a new dock was coming.  It is just screened with the light screening buddy Chuck gave me maybe four years ago.  I thought that was a one year fix.  So nice to know that I can put fish in there and expect they will be there.
I cleaned some I had refrigerated and some I had in a bucket (they died) and the fresh ones.  The fresh were easier to clean, except, of course, there is some distain for skinning a live fish.  More as I get older.  Casey thinks it is great fun.

The other odd good turn was that the knot that was in the line just popped itself out.  I was fishing that pole and just trying to toss line after the knot and loop it had made.  So now it is all straight line.  All my reels need line replacement. 

I put up the extra umbrella to clean and took the sun off the process.  I sure like that rig.  In the old days, I would never be cleaning in the sun.  I'd still be fishing.  But now, it is good to get to it whenever I am well napped.

The lake is cool and pretty deserted except for solid business at Kay's.  I like all of it. I was in my overcoat that Peter Ryan gave me a dozen years ago, but took it off.  The tee shirt was enough until I fished at the end of the float in the wind.  Then I wished I had the coat, but stairs are a pain so I don't do them if I don't have to.

No rain.  I have not had to bail anything these past weeks. 
I watered my peppers today.  They were getting a bit dry.

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