Wednesday, November 16, 2016

At sunrise I noticed fish rising around the dock and fished off the dock for a while. I still am a bit shy about rowing as this pulled muscle wants to stay hurting. The worms I bought for Chuck and I last week had too much sun and were in no shape for anything. Maybe I caught 2 fish with all of those. So, I figured it was time to get a worm that had spent the winter mulching veggie scraps in soil for me while Jay gave that planter box a bit of water once in a while. When... I left for Florida in December, I had some some worms left from a purchased dozen; all winter they had prepared the soil in my planter in the basement for red bell peppers. I picked one and noticed that I had used half that same worm last year. The break had healed, the worm had managed to eat and create rich soil. Now I would use the second half. I caught six nice bluegills on that half a worm from last year. Now that is frugal fishing!! I filleted them and we had them with milk and corn meal cooked in the deep fryer for supper. Yum. I also pulled 8 more worms out of the soil in the planter, and set them aside for another day. I planted my six red bell pepper plants, and so that is done and ready to grow if we get no more frost. I'm hoping they like the rich worm worked soil. From the six plants I need to get six organic peppers to break even. We'll see. I'll spray with a solution of epsome salts as that is supposed to encourage the fruit. I may also try this trick……

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